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About Waddell’s Neighborhood Pub and Grille

Named after legend Rube Waddell, the eccentric baseball pitcher with a wicked curve and a blazing fastball, Waddell’s is proud to offer Spokane’s Best Draft selection! Pouring some of the best Craft Brew’s in the Inland Northwest. Waddell’s is always rotating over 80% of our 50 tap handle line up. If IPA’s are what you crave then look no further then here with over 15 hoppy IPA’s on hand. Great brew’s, food and friends what every pub wish they had. Come to Waddell’s where you can meet new friend’s and buy your old mate’s a proper pint. Cheer’s!!!!


“Waddell’s is a welcome venue for the South Hill. We had lunch there and I must say the beer battered fries were worth the visit. The fries have a crunchy outside seasoned with Waddells Squirrelly Blend of spices which is a bit spicy, subtle, sweet and salty. The fries remain crisp and they also have a sweet potato version. I had fish and chips which came with two large portions of cod, deep fried. My husband had the Reuben Sandwich which was huge, on marbled rye bread and oozing with Swiss Cheese, sauerkraut, corned beef and sauce. Hearty portions, very friendly, helpful servers should make this a favorite hangout for pub crawlers. With ten beers on tap and a varied wine list, there is something for everyone. I can’t wait to go back and try their Guinness Stew and Waddells stout Shepherd’s Pie.”

“Went to lunch at the South Hill’s newest – and only – Irish pub on Monday. The name is Waddell’s – named after old, old-time baseball player Rube Waddell – but it may as well be waddles. Why? Wugh. I’m still suffering from an intense hamburger hangover. Meet the Rube Waddell Burger. This hefty sum of saturated fats stands as one of the most brilliant, disturbing mergers of sandwichitude in history. First, you make a reuben sandwich – corned beef, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut – on a hamburger bun. Then you add grilled onions. Then you take a beefy hunk of hamburger and mash it up with chunks of bacon, forming a patty, and grill it. Then you put it in that Reuben sandwich. It makes the side of delicious, crispy battered French fries look like health food – though I wish there had been more bacon in the patty. The smoky flavor barely peeked through the rest of the ingredients, and, well, if we’re already having a reuben sandwich bacon burger, why not up the pork quotient?”
Tom of Spokane7


Waddell's Pub and Grill